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Sidewalk Rhyming Practice

Sidewalk Rhyming Practice

What I hope was our last snow of the year is almost gone, and we purchased new sidewalk chalk after using all of ours painting our trees. Naturally the girls wanted to use it right away! Isn't that what you are supposed to do with new art supplies? Which was fine because they sure weren't do well sitting for schoolwork!

So while they were opening and trying all the new colors (we found a box with 48 colors), I had an idea to practice some reading with them.  I took some different colors and wrote some rhyming words with endings we had been working on on the sidewalk. I started with -ay and -ow and ended up adding -ie and -oy.  I used 4 words with each ending spaced randomly.

Then I had the girls read me the first word and jump to the next rhyming word until they reached the end. Then they went to the beginning and chose a new ending to jump through.


I was amazed at how willing Bria was to do this. She thought it was great fun and made most of the jumps easily. I don't even know how many times she jumped through them all.

Nadia went through them once, but then she went off to build a snowman with the leftover snow.

If you couldn't tell it is a snowman toasting a marshmallow over a bonfire. Bria added the marshmallow and bonfire; Nadia made a point in saying it was a pretend fire so the snowman wouldn't melt from it.

Even without the snowman the girls, Bria especially, had a good time practicing reading without even realizing it! We will definitely have to try it again with different words!

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