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Hands-on Math Activities

Hands-on Math Activities

Math is a subject that many kids struggle with when they can't easily visualize the concepts. Hands-on learning is a great way to allow visualization as well as manipulation of math concepts.

Fun Ways to Learn Numbers and Counting

Practice number recognition and counting with a Play dough Number Smash.

Work on Counting all the way to 100 with Stickers.

Bring some gross motor fun into math with Active Skip Counting.

Hands-on Addition and Multiplication Practice

After kids learn to count, they can start on addition. Basketball Addition and Hungry Fish Addition are both creative ways to get them practicing.

You can also Use Conversation Hearts for basic math calculations.

Multiplication Cities are a great way to visualize the action of multiplication and can double as a game.

Here is another active way to practice Multiplication.

Other Hands-on Math Ideas

Practice using Money with Restaurant Pretend Play.

Introduce Fractions with Apples.

Or use Toy Cars to learn Graphing.

Make your own Linear Calendar with Beads.

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