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About Me

About Me
Welcome to Life with Moore Babies, I'm Ashley, the author of this blog, but certainly not of my life, God gets credit for that.  My life certainly would have turned out much different if I had ignored Him.

 I was what you would call a strong-willed child. I have always had my own thoughts, strong opinions, and enough stubbornness to aggravate anyone (especially parents). It wasn't unusual for me to disregard rules or discipline using logic which no doubt caused a great deal of frustration for my mother. While I have learned a lot about how to play nice with others I still have my own thoughts, strong opinions, and a stubborn streak. 

Just ask my husband, Nathan; who can some how deal with the strong willed adult I have become, partially I think, because he is one too.  Of course what happens when you put 2 strong willed individuals together.......you get even more!

Together we now have 4 children all of which are proving to be a bit spirited in their own respects from flat out defiance like I showed, to major amounts of drama, to more subtle orneriness. 6 strong wills under one roof is not always a pretty sight, but I truly believe that a strong will is not a bad thing. Quite the opposite actually, if used correctly, I think a strong will is a very powerful thing to have! 

This blog was written to document the adventures we have as we journey through life with our crazy kids, and now we are adding homeschooling to the mix, so I am sure there are MANY adventures (and frustrations) in store. Hopefully through it others will find fun activities and ways to educate their own kids strong willed or not.  

20 (random) facts about me:

  • I decided around the age of 5 to become a veterinarian and spent my entire life trying to meet this goal which was fulfilled in 2005. 
  • My parents are divorced and my mom is remarried. I have 2 biological sisters as well as 3 step-sisters and a step-brother!
  • I grew up in the city, and never ever want to live in one.  Really, I want a farm.
  • I was hit by a mini-van while crossing the street during high school. Didn't break any bones, but I do think it may be the cause of some of my headaches (I get about every type there is).
  • I am very much an introvert.
  • Nathan and I met fencing (yes with swords).
  • I honestly believe God had a hand in bringing Nathan and I together. It is a pretty crazy story that starts in seventh grade (even though we didn't meet until college), I'll have to tell you someday. :)
  • We struggled to conceive our first child then we had a miscarriage. After 2 successful, planned pregnancies, we had a surprise pregnancy that ended in miscarriage and another surprise with our son! 
  • We had another surprise, our 3rd daughter, a few years ago, and she is surprising every day!
  • I am not naturally organized, but I hate chaos, so I try really hard to maintain organization. 
  • I hate touching raw meat and dead things, including bugs. I will catch them and release them, but if they are dead they are Nathan's job.
  • I am a big fan of color. No gray or white walls for me if I have any say in it.  We just moved to a new home, and we have painted every wall some shade of blue or green (only colors I could convince Nathan to use)!
  • I am most definitely a cat person. In fact, we have three of them, Skippyjon Jones, Flurry, and Squishy.
  • We also have chickens, 6 currently.
  • When I find time (which is rare right now), I enjoy scrapbooking, knitting, and photography.
  • I am slightly OCD about having laundry done. It is very hard for me to deviate from my laundry schedule; I have been known to stay up late at night just to make sure I stay on track!
  • I have also been known to chase the ice cream man. Going back to the above, my new washing machine plays a song like the ice cream man when it is finished. Not sure if it brings back fond memories or is a form a torture. 
  • I love baking sweet things, but I am not a fan of cooking (unless it is a new recipe).
  • I detest cold weather; I just can't seem to get warm until it is around 80 degrees.
  • I tend to be a workaholic who always has to have something to do. I generally also have to have someone tell me to go to bed or I just keep working on whatever I find that needs done, after all it will just take a minute.

I am really glad you are here, and I hope this blog will help you in some way. If you have a question please email me ashley@lifewithmoorebabies.com

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