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Marshmallow Sensory Fun

Marshmallow Sensory Fun

After seeing how much fun they had with marshmallows over at Fantastic Fun and Learning, I thought we should give it a try. We started with a few marshmallows (we had some leftover hearts).

I wanted the girls to think a little more about their senses, so I asked if they could describe how the marshmallows looked, smelled, sounded, felt, and tasted. They looked fluffy, felt soft, and smelled and tasted sweet. The girls didn't think they sounded like anything until they pulled them apart.

Eli found his own way to make the marshmallows make noise...by dropping them! After we added a little water to the bin they even made a little splash!

We decided to add another little experiment to our fun and see what happened when marshmallows are microwaved. Now since they are pretty much sugar filled with air they grow (just like ivory soap)! The girls were quit amazed at how big they got! And how sticky!

We added those big, sticky marshmallows to the water too, and all the kids squished away! The longer they played the squishier the marshmallows got.

Eventually the girls were ready to move on, but I think Eli could have played all day! This will be a fun activity for him this summer in his water table for sure!

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