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DIY Kids Toys and Easy Decorative Crafts

DIY Kids Toys and Easy Decorative Crafts

We've all been there. You pick out what you think is the perfect gift, and the kid goes for the box.

Kids don't need a bunch of fancy toys, and there are some fun toys you can make yourself. 

You can also find more, simple DIY crafts, and many of them make great gifts! 

Toys You Can Make Yourself

A simple sheet of foam can  become a DIY Foam Aircraft Carrier for the pool.

These DIY Color Window Blocks are beautiful and fun.

DIY Light Table is very versatile and is fun with the window blocks too.

Pretend food can be pricey, but you  can turn sock into DIY Toy Donuts.

While this is not a toy per-say, kids love a challenge, so why not try this DIY Bike Track.

Simple Crafts

Kids love fun clothes like these DIY Chalkboard Shirts and DIY Sharpie Shirts.

Or maybe a DIY Mermaid Tutu.

And don't forget hair accessories like DIY Reindeer Hair Clips or DIY Pom Pom Hair Clips.

DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow is a fun gift for little kids; plus, fewer lost teeth for the tooth fairy.

Looking for unique baby pictures? Try making a DIY Hot Air Balloon Photo Prop.

DIY Foam Wall Decorations and DIY Paper Cone Wreaths are a couple of home decor idea that are simple and cheap enough to switch them out without guilt.

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