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Bring Color to the Winter by Painting Trees

Bring Color to the Winter by Painting Trees

The snow is starting to melt around here, and all the snow along the road is that nasty gray color. ICK! As if all the white wasn't enough! We needed some color around here, so we went out and "painted" a tree.

The night before I filled the chalk container with water and all the chalk I could find.

The next day we headed out with our wet chalk and paint brushes.  We found the smoothest (the smoother the better) tree in our yard and went to work.

First we rubbed the wet chalk on the tree. Then we were able to dip the brushes in the water and use them to spread out the chalk a bit.


 Their gloves do get a bit wet, so you will want to make sure fingers aren't freezing!

Such a simple activity, and now we have a much more interesting tree.  Definitely a welcome change to all the white around here!

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