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Why Your Homeschool Student Needs an Online Technology Class

Why Your Homeschool Student Needs an Online Technology Class

I was given free access to the curriculum for review purposes, and compensation for my time. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Who hasn't helped a parent or grandparent navigate new technology? And now, who has turned into that parent or grandparent needing help with new technology? Ok, maybe I am not quite that bad, but my kids are definitely leagues ahead of me when it comes to technology. 

How when they don't get a ton of screen time? Well, they have been purposely placed in an online technology class, MYTEK LAB, as part of their homeschool work. As our world becomes more and more dependent on technology, kids need to learn how to navigate it prior to being thrown into it. Plus new technology is still exploding! 

MYTEK LAB, an online, homeschool, technology class, improves kids problem solving skills while keeping them current on new technologies.

Why Do Kids Need Technology Classes

  • Learning to Navigate the Technology
  • Learning What is Possible
  • Improved Creative and Critical Thinking
  • Understand Internet Safety 

In today's society knowing how to navigate technology is necessary in every career imaginable. Teaching your kids how to navigate this technology may be easy for some parents, but for a lot of us I imagine we aren't even up to date; I know I'm not! 

Having a specific class designed to introduce kids to various technologies not only helps kids learn what is current but also what may be possible in the future. It helps their minds to become open to new technologies. It may even encourage them to pursue a job in technology or towards the creation of a new innovation.

This brings us to what I think is one of the most important reasons to teach kids about technology, it improves their creativity and critical thinking skills. Even if your child doesn't want to work with computers as his or her primary job, being able to creatively think about problems and approach them in a computational manner will be a benefit in the long run. 

MYTEK LAB, an online, homeschool, technology class, improves kids problem solving skills while keeping them current on new technologies.

Why Use an Online Technology Class

  • Practice Independent Work
  • Improve Communication
  • No Knowledge Needed
  • More Up-to-Date Information
  • Easily Accessible
  • Learn Internet Safety

As is true for any online class, an online technology class gives your child a chance to practice independent work. Work that doesn't require you! That is music to a homeschool mom's ears. In fact, I am not even up to date enough to help with the homework, so I am also grateful that MYTEK LAB offers free help sessions for their students. 

Using an online class, particularly a live class, forces kids to communicate with people outside their usual circle. They get to practice communicating with the other kids in the class as well as the teachers. This is especially true when you have instructors like MYTEK LAB who make an effort in class to communicate with the students. 

I might have mentioned this just a couple paragraphs ago, but you as the parent do not need to know anything about any of the technologies used. Of course, you can learn along with your kiddo if that is something that interests you. I am blessed to have a husband who can speak that language already, but if I didn't, Mr. Mytek explains things, so the kids can understand and goes out of the way to host free help sessions for students who haven't figured it out yet. This is huge for those of us with already too full schedules.

Using an online technology class like MYTEK LAB, also allows your kids access to the most up-to-date information. Even if you are very interested in technology, your checkbook probably doesn't allow access to all the new technologies that pop up. Having a class that solely works with students in technology allows them to invest in current programs, and your child to reap the benefits. 

Online classes, at least for the majority of us, are easily accessible. We do not have to leave our homes to attend, and if you miss, a recording is posted to replay. Everything is right there. 

This year MYTEK LAB is introducing Flex Paced classes too. So if your student does not like live classes or just cannot fit one into their schedule, they can still learn through MYTEK LAB. In order to keep these lectures current, new recordings are posted each Monday. Flex Pace students also can work on assignments on their own timeline rather than having to follow the schedule of the live class. This also means you don't have to wait for the next class offered; you can start at any time! 

They also offer courses for ages 8 and up! Like most learning, the earlier you get started the quicker kids pick it up. 

One unexpected benefit of an online technology class is that kids can learn internet safety. I have been pleasantly surprised by the fact that MYTEK LAB does in fact emphasize internet safety in their classes. Maybe it is only Mr. and Mrs. Mytek who stress it, but if the online teachers don't, it gives parents an opportunity to discuss internet safety with their kids. 

But What About Screen Time

Many parents, myself included, are careful about the amount of time kids spend in front of a screen. With more and more online classes you may be wondering if all this screen time is okay. I think one way to look at it is whether screen time is a passive or active activity for the brain. Watching a TV show is passive. You stare at a screen and don't have to use a lot of brain power to consume what you see. However, coding is actually active for the brain.

MYTEK LAB, an online, homeschool, technology class, improves kids problem solving skills while keeping them current on new technologies.

Interacting with technologies on a screen requires active processes in the brain. It requires creative problem-solving skills to create programs using new technology. Therefore coding and utilizing other computer programs actually engage your child's brain like any other hands-on learning activity. With MYTEK LAB they are encouraged to work on the project along with the instructor during the lecture, so there is very little time spent just watching a lecture. 

Overall, MYTEK LAB is a positive way for kids to utilize their thinking skills and improve their problem-solving for the future. 

As a BONUS! New families can contact Jacky, Mrs. Mytek, at jsouders@myteklab.com for a discount of $15 a month! So the normal price of $49 per month will be discounted to $34 a month. An awesome investment for your homeschool! 

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