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Learn about Horses with the Community Helper for J

Learn about Horses with the Community Helper for J

For the Letter J we are starting out with Jockey! I know, I know, there aren't all that many Jockeys around, but my girls like horses, so I threw it in there.

Unfortunately for the girls, we currently don't live somewhere where we could own a horse, but they are quite interested in learning about them. So we talked about how a Jockey is someone who rides horses professionally. I was also able to find some coloring pages of horses, jockeys, and horse anatomy for them from Horse Stall.

So to start with we covered a bit of horse anatomy. We colored the horse anatomy picture and reviewed the labels.  Horses have some very specific labels for the parts of their body! Then, I took two of my large model horses and made the girls several labels out of Post-it flags. Then they got to label the horse.  They did need a bit of help reading some of my writing, but they did pretty good.

Then we practiced directing a horse with reins.  Of course this was difficult without a horse, so they took turns being the horse.  I explained to them how to use the reins to get the horse to turn, stop, and back up. I also taught them a couple of vocal cues to go along with the reins, like clicking to get the horse to go and whoa to get them to stop. I think our horses got a bit out of hand!

Finally I dug out my hoof pick and we talked a little bit about caring for horses feet.  I showed them the hoof pick and explained it was to clean out their hooves, but not to push it into the center of the hoof because that was the sensitive part and it would hurt.  I tried to simulate a hoof with some lids and play dough.  After showing then the correct technique and letting them try on the table, I made them try again while I held the lids almost upside down on the floor (more like a horse).  I made sure not to  let them sit either since that wouldn't be safe around a real horse!

Even if they never meet a real Jockey, they really enjoyed all the horsey fun! And maybe, if we ever do get a horse, they will be ready!

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