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Hands-on Critical Thinking Activities

Hands-on Critical Thinking Activities

Critical thinking is a skill essential in nearly all areas of life. And for many people it isn't a skill that comes naturally. However, it is a skill that can be learned with practice, so give kids lots of opportunities to practice this highly needed skill with fun hands-on activities.

All of the escape rooms below will require access to the Resource Library; sign up for weekly emails below to gain access!

Introduce kids to instruments, composers, and musical notes with a Music Escape Room.

This Art Escape Room will get kids looking at classic art work in  whole different way.

Kids can learn some basics of chemistry with a Chemistry Escape Room.

Practice some United States geography with this U.S. Geography Escape Room.

Combine Logic and Nature as you find a place to survive the night in this Nature Escape Room!

Repair your time machine to prevent history from being changed in the History Escape Room.

Kids explore the universe to defeat the dark forces attempting to attack the earth in this Astronomy Escape Room (with fun Star Wars additions.)

Something strange has happened in the library, and now you are stuck! Solve the puzzles to Escape the Library!

Quickly discover how to cure the rapidly spreading disease to prevent a Pandemic!

Recover the missing animals and secure them in the correct cage in this Zoo Escape Room.

Kids learn a little about Shakespeare while sharping their critical thinking skills with this Shakespeare Escape Room!

Kids take on the games gone wrong in this escape room. They will test their problem solving skills against the game master to escape!

Kids will use their critical thinking skills to tackle high school Biology and the mad scientist Dr. L. Frank in this Biology Escape Room!

Read more about how to use Escape Rooms to teach Critical Thinking Skills.

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