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Get Kids in the Kitchen with these Nutter Butter Chick Cookies

Get Kids in the Kitchen with these Nutter Butter Chick Cookies

You may have noticed that we have a thing for Nutter Butter Cookies in this house. With our Nutter Butter Turkeys and our Nutter Butter Snowmen. It seems I have challenged myself to find a Nutter Butter cookie for every season. 

So for spring we are adding some Nutter Butter Chicks! 

Ingredients for Nutter Butter Chick Cookies

How to turn Nutter Butters into Hatching Chicks

First, you need to melt your yellow candy melts and dip the Nutter Butters, place on a waxed paper lined baking sheet to dry.

While they are drying, add mini M&Ms for eyes and half an orange jelly bean for a beak. This is a great activity for kids as they love to come up with creative eye color combinations.

Then allow to dry completely. We placed ours in the fridge to speed along the process.

You could stop here if you wanted to have fully hatched chicks. If you want to add the cute little egg shells continue on. 

After the yellow is hard (it really doesn't take long at all in the refrigerator), melt the white chips. Carefully dip the bottom and just a little bit of the top in the white and allow to dry on waxed paper again.

And you have cute little hatching chicks to welcome spring! 

The best part, kids can make these without a ton of help, and they are so proud when they do.

Obviously, these adorable chicks mean I have added spring to my seasonal Nutter Butter collection. Now on to summer! 

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