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ByDesign Science a Faith and Inquiry Based Curriculum

ByDesign Science a Faith and Inquiry Based Curriculum
I received curriculum free of charge and was compensated for my time, but all opinions are my own.

 "Oooo, What's that? It's so colorful!" exclaimed my soon-to-be teenager when I pulled the 7th grade level of  ByDesign Science out of the box. Now, I am definitely not one to choose curriculum based on looks, but the fact that it caught her attention was a plus already!

You see, she is not the biggest fan of science or schoolwork in general, so if we can find something that reduces the amount of resistance that is huge!

Inquiry and Faith Based Science curriculum

Colors aren't enough to impress me when it comes to curriculum, so let's take a closer look at 7th Grade ByDesign Science.

What is ByDesign Science

ByDesign Science is a faith-based, science curriculum for grades 1-8 produced by Kendall Hunt RPD. Each year covers topics in life science, human body, space and earth science, and physical science. 

Each lesson is designed to engage the child with a presented question  and then allows them to discover, explain, extend, and assess or reflect on the topic.This encourages them to use some critical thinking skills while studying science. 

What I Liked About ByDesign Science

  • Faith Based
  • Inquiry Based
  • Color Coded
  • Manageable Experiments
  • Teacher's Manual available
  • Cross Curricular Connections
Let's look at each of these attributes individually.  First up, it is faith based. This one may or may not be a benefit to you, but for us it definitely is. I love how amazing creation is and ByDesign Science does a great job of including relevant scripture references throughout the chapters.

Scripture references in ByDesign Science

Another thing I love about ByDesign Science is that it is inquiry based. What exactly does that mean? It means students are asked a question at the beginning of each chapter, and the text and activities guide them to being able to answer that question by the end of the lesson.

Next up is the color coding. You might remember my daughter was attracted to the colors, they are vibrant and exciting. Each of the four general topics (life science, human body, earth and space science, and physical science)  has a workbook that matches the color of that section in the book. This may not add a ton of functionality, but it sure increases the appearance.

Colors make a more engaging science curriculum.

The student workbooks are nice as they have specific areas designated for each section and each inquiry. There is a lot of room to write, and the needed correlating textbook pages are at the top of each new lesson.

There are plenty of experiments included to allow for hands-on exploration and critical thinking, and the experiments themselves look very manageable without a lot of crazy supplies (to be sure there are a few like you need a earthworm to dissect, but that is to be expected).

One thing that is not included in the student workbooks are tests. There are reviews there and areas you can use to assess the student's work, but the tests are available in the e-book teacher's manual. The teacher's manual also includes supply lists, implementation instructions, and answer keys.

There is also a grading rubric available to aid in assessing your child's work.

One other feature I liked about ByDesign Science is that there are cross curricular links throughout the book as well as in depth looks at scientists and possible jobs. This is a really great  addition for the middle school level where kids are starting to consider where they might fit in this world.

Learn about  the history of science in ByDesign Science

Things I Would Change About ByDesign Science

There are two things I would like to see a little different. One is that I would like to see a physical teacher's manual offered. I am terrible about using digital books; I simply forget about them, so it would be great to have the option of a physical book.

The other thing I would like is to see the tests included in the workbooks, or a separate text booklet available. With four kids, the fewer lose papers running around the better! 

What My Student Thinks About ByDesign Science

We already know my child was attracted to the colors immediately. After a little time with it, I ask her what he favorite part was, and her response, "I like that I can do it on my own."  I guess the fact that she can work on it independently is a big thing for an almost teenager.

ByDesign Science curriculum

For more information about a Faith and Inqiry based science for your homeschool or classroom check out their BROCHURE! Ready to check out there products? Head to the science products page at Kendall Hunt RPD.

Science Curriculum that is Faith and Inquiry Based

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