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Space Sensory Bin

Space Sensory Bin
 My original plan for the space sensory bin was to make moon sand, but my moon sand didn't turn out right. It was still fun for play as Sandy Oobleck, but definitely not moon sand!  We did find a little package of glowing sand at the store a while back; I decided this would  be a good time to try it!.

 Product Image

I was a bit disappointed when I read the instructions, and it said it would only glow for 4 hours!  I was hoping it would recharge like glow in the dark stars do.  We already had it, so we needed to use it.  It came with 3 tiny pouches of sand (3 different colors).  The girls had to mix it to activate the glow.  

Then we added it to the bin, followed by the glowing planets.  I had the girls tell me the planets in order from the sun (center of the bin) as we put them in. Then I let them add all the stars.

Bin in the light.

Glowing bin.

Bria was most interested in sorting the stars by size.  Nadia was intrigued by the fact that every time the camera flashed the stars glowed brighter.  Obviously the pictures were either glowing box or kids.  I couldn't get a good picture where you could appreciate both.  If you are wondering about the clothes and shoe, they are in their closet.

She wanted me to flash the sun again.

After they were finished they removed all the stars and planets and mixed all the sand together.  I helped them make the Milky Way (sort of).

After Eli got up we carefully let him see the glowing sand.  He squealed a few times and then reached to grab it.  I knew he would try to eat it, so his hands were not allowed! They were all fascinated by the glow effect, and the girls were really excited when I told them we could hang some of the stars in their room after they were washed!

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