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Footprint Turkeys an Adorable Thanksgiving Craft

Footprint Turkeys an Adorable Thanksgiving Craft

Instead of our traditional hand print turkeys this year, we decided to try footprint turkeys!  I had a silly idea that we would paint the kids feet to make the bodies.  Well we did it, but doing Eli's was a chore.  He giggled and grabbed at his foot the entire time you tried to paint it.  We had paint on both feet and both hands as well as my hands and arms! The girls were much more cooperative, although they did giggle.

After the paint dried we glued feathers around the turkey to make the tail. We used the toe part of our footprint as the bottom and the heel as the head.

This is when Skippyjon Jones decided to get involved! He loved the feathers on the kitchen floor, and the girls played with him with the feathers too.  Unfortunately he also ran off with a few feathers that had just been glued down!

After the feathers were on we added googly eyes and little paper triangles for beaks.

As we were finishing up I was definitely second guessing my thoughts on using the kitchen floor rather then the table.  I thought we could spread out and work easier. Spread out we did, a little too much!

We ended up with some cute turkeys though!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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