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Milkweed Babies

Milkweed Babies

 Our Bible story this week was Sarah and Abraham and the birth if Isaac.  Again this story is familiar to the girls, but I did try to talk more about Sarah and how she would be feeling during it. This is something I am going to try to do as much as possible, in hopes that the girls will learn to see how others feel and learn to empathize. Since the main point of the story is the fulfillment of God's promise for a baby, we made babies!

I actually found these cute little milkweed babies a few months ago, and have kept my eye out for a chance to use them (and for some milkweed)!  This past weekend while driving I spotted some milkweed, and of course made Nathan turn around to grab some.  Amazingly my mom had these huge acorns that would work perfectly for heads instead of the little wooden balls. They even looked like they had hats on!

To make the bodies I looped a pipe cleaner around to form a tear drop shape.

 I used yarn to wrap around the pipe cleaners. I started by hot gluing one end of the yarn and then wrapping, gluing where needed. I went over mine twice to make sure it was all covered.

Then I nestled it into my milkweed pod and hot glued on my head,

Obviously when I let the girls make theirs I did the hot gluing, but they picked out their supplies and wrapped their yarn.  They wanted pom poms for their hats too.

They loved the little babies even wrapping them up in blankets.

Even Eli wanted one, but only if it had the pom pom on its hat. He seriously wouldn't take it without the pom pom. he handed it back to me and pointed at its hat. He was quite happy with it once he felt it was complete.

I think they turned out pretty sweet, and we still have plenty of acorns for Bria to feed to the squirrels. I just hope none of these have Acorn Weevils in them!

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