Learn about Spices with the Community Helper for C

29 November

Our first community helper for the letter C is Chef.  I had to tell the girls it started with a C though because of the ch- blend, so Cook works just as well. The girls did know exactly what a chef (or a cook) does, so that part was easy.  They always love helping cook. that would be an obvious activity, but instead I decided to let them play around with some of the tools needed to cook with.

I started by making them paper chef's hats and having them put on aprons. (All except Eli who doesn't have an apron, and won't leave a hat on.) To make the hats I just stapled strips of white paper together to make a band the size of their head then folded three sheets of paper lengthwise like an accordion, stapled them together, and stapled them to the band.  Nothing fancy here!

I put out some small pots, water, measuring cups and spoons, whisks, and a bunch of spices I have had since I was married (you know the ones that came with the spice rack but never used).  I threw in a little sugar and flour too.

They had so much fun sprinkling and measuring and whisking.

 They actually played the entire time I made dinner! I asked them to try their creations because I could tell they were definitely over seasoned. Bria liked hers (I have no idea how), but Nadia did NOT! Maybe she at least learned a little goes a long way with some spices.

Luckily they helped clean the giant mess too, without being asked (a miracle)!

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