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Feed the Turkey Sight Words for Reading Practice

Feed the Turkey Sight Words for Reading Practice

Stepping away from our usual this week because of Thanksgiving! I have found several Turkey printables for the girls to work on, and I also made up a little game for them to practice sight words.

Cute Turkey Printables:

Color-by-Number Turkey 

Color the Turkey Feathers Book 

Turkey Hundreds Chart

For the game I started with a clean milk jug which I painted brown with acrylic paint. Then I cut a hole for the mouth and then cut the top off.

Then, using construction paper, I added a wattle, beak, and feathers.  I stuck on some googly eyes too.

Cut a slit in the base of the triangle, so it can bend around the mouth.

Now for something to feed the turkey.  I considered paper, but thought it would be too hard to get back out of the turkey. Instead I used the baked cotton balls I had used for the Squishing Sight Words game.  The only differences were I cut the cotton balls in half to make them smaller, and I used yellow to make them look like corn.

Then I wrote sight words on them (I included colors and numbers this time) with a sharpie.

Now to play.  I left all the sight word "corn" in a bowl and had the girls pull one out randomly and read the word.  If they read it they got to feed it to the turkey.  The first time through I had to help since there were a few new words there.

Eli couldn't resist playing too.  He wanted to feed the "corn" to the turkey and to himself!

 Once they were all in the turkey we just dumped them out the bigger hole at the top of the turkey.

They could also play against each other by giving them their own bowl to go through.  They would take turns, and whoever emptied their bowl first would be the winner. It could also be played with letters, numbers, shapes, colors, or whatever you can think to put on them!

During all this turkey fun we also learned an interesting fact about turkeys, only the males gobble.  Female turkeys just cluck. Maybe you already knew that, but we were surprised!

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