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Fingerprint Noah's Ark

Fingerprint Noah's Ark

 Our Bible Story this week is another one the girls know well, Noah's Ark; they even read it in their little Easy reader Bible! Then we made our own Noah's ark with paper and paint.

I started by cutting out shapes for them to glue together for the ark.  A semicircle, rectangle, triangle, and a few small squarish shapes.

They glued their ark together how they wanted it, and then we added the animals.

I was inspired by Ed Emberley's Fingerprint Drawing Book


Although the book does not have many animals in it, I figured we could just make the prints and add the animal parts.  Most of the animals started with a oval (full fingerprint) for the body and circle (just the tip of the finger) for the head.

Full Finger tip for an Oval.

Very tip of finger for a Circle.

See the difference!

We tried to make stripes for a zebra.
Depending on what animal the girls wanted it to be determined how far apart I put the head and body. The horses the head was just a little ways and up from the body, the dog and lion were very close, and the giraffe was far away.  The girls had remember what they were wanting each one to be, so we could draw in the legs and stuff after they dried.

So once they were dried I drew one of each pair of animals, so the girls had something to go off of.  They added the features to the other animal in each pair.  Bria also decided she needed more animals (she was distracted by Eli before). So we added some more.

Once all the animals were complete the girls painted a rainbow over their ark.

And here are the completed Fingerprint Noah's Arks!

A few of the animals closer up!


Lions, Zebras, Alligators

Bunnies, horses, Dogs, Cats
The girls had a good time coming up with animals to add, and I am happy they tried to draw them themselves without complaining that they didn't look good. Sometimes they have a hard time when they can't get things perfect (I have no idea where they get that). Sarcasm aside, I think they turned out pretty cute!

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