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Recent iPad Favorites

Recent iPad Favorites
It seems like the kid's favorite iPad apps change monthly or so; especially when we find new ones.  I don't buy a lot of apps, so they don't get many new ones unless I find them free! The 10 apps they are most interested in now are listed below!

Tizzy Veterinarian-$1.99-This one is very similar to Toca Doctor, but it has a variety of animals to work on instead of a person.  Nadia prefers this one because she says Toca Doctor scares her (I am not sure why).

Tap the Cat-$2.99-A new app from Reading Eggs that the girls enjoy.  Works on reading and writing skills.

Counting Numbers 1,2,3-$1.99-Count the balloons to make a little hen happy; they love it.  It also has addition and subtraction.

PBS Kids-FREE-I am really surprised how long it took them to discover this app.  The app itself plays current episodes of favorite TV shows on PBS.  Their favorites right now are Daniel Tiger and Curious George.

ABC Mouse Zoo (1, 2, and 3)-FREE-These apps are basically just random facts about various animals in the zoo. I wouldn't have even got it if it hadn't been free, but for some reason they love it!

Robot Workshop-$2.99 -This app is really simple.  All it is, is simple robot puzzles. I think the girls really like the noises it makes as they put them together even though it is really far too simple for them.

Kids Doodle-$.99 -All three kids like this one.  Draw glowing pictures with various brushes. The only annoying thing is you can't choose the color you draw with or the color of the background; that changes on its own.  Some of the tools are cool though!

Broom Broom-FREE-Draw the roads and watch the cars go!  This one is for Eli, although the girls do like watching all the cars stop when a fire engine or ambulance comes zooming through.  There is a version you can pay for if you want to get rid of the ads!

Fisher Price Animal Sounds-FREE -Eli has really been into this and the Fisher Price Counting app.  It is colorful and has a lot of movement, so maybe that is what holds his attention. Shows several different animals along with the sounds they make.

Fisher Price Let's Count Animals-FREE-Another of Eli's current favorites. Very colorful with fun animals to count!

Actually Eli's MOST favorite right now is the BOB books apps I mentioned in my FIRST POST.  He is way too young for them, but on the simplest setting he can play them! Somehow they hold his attention too! More of our previous favorites HERE!

I'm not sure what app Skippyjon Jones likes best!

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