Learn about the Building with the Community Helper for A

07 November

Last week we went over Astronauts for the letter A; I had planned on doing Architect then as week, but ran out of time.  So this week we went over what an architect is.  We talked about how they are the people who plan buildings, and they draw their plans on blue prints.  We talked about how they have to be specific in their measurements, so someone else looking at the blue print could build the building.

I had them draw "blue prints" with blue construction paper and white crayons.

 Then I had them try to build what they drew.  While they were building Bria was talking about how 2 of her buildings were 6 blocks high and 1 was 4 blocks high.  She was very specific about that.

So after building we decided to measure them in blocks. And measure a few stuffed toys.

Eli wanted to build too, but he did NOT want to be measured!
 Then we did the same with big Lego's.  Well we tried, but we ran out of Lego's to measure Bria.

We talked a little about how it took more Lego's to measure the same length as it did blocks because the Lego's were smaller.

And we had cheese cubes as a snack.  I gave the girls some toothpicks, so they could design buildings with the cheese cubes.  Eli just had to stack his; which he was happy to do.

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