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Homeschool Planning 101

Homeschool Planning 101

So much planning goes into each homeschool year, and when you are just starting (like me) it is really easy to become overwhelmed! So many choices in curriculum and planning ideas; not to mention how to schedule your day! I have collected some posts to help you (and me) get it all together before it is time to actually start!


I think the first thing everyone worries about is choosing curriculum. For good reason! There are so many choices in so many price ranges, and they all fit different learning and teaching styles. Some are time intensive, some are packaged with lesson plans included, and some choose to make their own! Where do you even start???

Planning with a Purpose with Curriculum Selection and Making Your Own fro Are We There Yet

Tips on Finding the Perfect Curriculum form Mimi's House

Curriculum Choices from the Folks over at Curriculum Choice

Curriculum Cost for their first year of homeschooling at Hiding the Peas

Curriculum Choices for preschool, high school, and elementary over at Good Work Academy

How to Make Homeschool Unit Studies from How to Homeschool my Child

Free Printable Curriculum Wish List from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom


Once you have the curriculum you have to start thinking about a schedule.  How often are you going to teach these subjects, and for how long each time? Where will we fit in extra curricular activities and that dreaded socialization? (please note the sarcasm)

How to Create a Homeschool Schedule from Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

More on Scheduling your Homeschool with free printables on Thinking Kids

Tips on Creating the Perfect Homeschool Schedule from Upside Down Homeschooling

 Days to Scheduling Your Entire Homeschool Year with The Unlikely Homeschool

Steps to Planning your Homeschool Day from Homeschool Creations

 Parts to a Homeschool Schedule from Hodgepodge

Advice on Homeschooling the Large Family and How to Get it All Done from Abundant Life


Have a schedule idea in your head, better write it down before it gets lost among all the other things you have to think about right now! You will need a planner for that, and there is a lot of selection there too! Here are some printable options and tips on how to make your own!

Free Printable Calender from My Joy Filled Life

Printable Curriculum Planner from Vicki Arnold

Do-it-yourself Homeschool Planner from The Hands-On Homeschooler

Printable Lesson Planning Page and Elementary Grade Book from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom


You have curriculum, a schedule, and a planner, and now you have to organize it all! Keep things easy to find with these tips!

Tips on Organizing Curriculum from Chestnut Grove Academy

Tips for organizing students assignments from Loving and Learning on the High Plains

A behind the scenes look at Filing and Organization over at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Virtual Workboxes from Good Work Academy

General Planning

Still overwhelmed? here are some great posts with steps to take and general tips to keep you on track!

Before starting Define Your Intended Outcomes at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Set Your Homeschool Goals with Forever, For Always, No Matter What

Tips on Planning Your First Year of Homeschooling from House, Barn, Farm

7 Steps to Homeschooling Planning from Upside Down Homeschooling

10 Things to do when Planning a New Homeschool Year from Apron Strings and Other Things

Now it looks like I need to get some reading done, so I can get started on our own homeschool planning!

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