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Water Balloon Painting

Water Balloon Painting

Painting with Water Balloons......it sounded like a good idea, and it was a good idea, but at the same time a complete disaster! I decided it would be fun to try to put the paint inside the balloons; that was obstacle number 1! I was hopeful that the balloon fillers would screw onto the paint bottles, but they were just a little too big. They still worked to get the paint in the bottle, and on your hands, and dripping down into your works area, but I did get the paint inside.

Obstacle number 2 was filling the water balloons. I SUCK at filling water balloons! I tried to use the little cap, but they didn't fit my faucet either, and the flow from the outside faucet would have been too strong. So I went with stretching the balloons over the faucet and slowly filling. This took way to much time and I still lost half the balloons and a shirt in the process! 

They were quite pretty once they were all filled. Now to hand them over to the kids to throw at some poster board I laid on the sidewalk. This was obstacle number 3! How hard can it be to get water balloons to pop??? My kids could only get them to pop in the grass! We eventually figured out to throw them into the grass right at the edge of the poster board, so they could splash into the work area. 

We did figure it out and the kids did still have a good time trying to pop the balloons, but the colors sill weren't as intense as I had hoped. Once they dried they were more pastel then anything.

Even though it wasn't what I hoped for, we did get some paintings and the kids did have fun trying to pop the balloons and laughing when they bounced all over the place, so it wasn't a complete fail. It just wasn't what I pictured in my mind. If I try it again I will definitely need someone to fill the balloons for me, but I think we may need to come up with a new version of Water Balloon Painting!  If you get it to work, please tell me how; maybe I would even try again!

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