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Blue Manor PreK & K Curriculum Review and Giveaway

Blue Manor PreK & K Curriculum Review and Giveaway
Blue Manor Review

Today I am pleased to be reviewing both the Blue Manor Academy Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum! Both of these curriculum are made up of a series of ebooks that cover a wide variety of topics with life like pictures.

Books included are:

Preschool Curriculum: 

Teaching Manual and Quick Start Guide
Letters, Phonics Level 1, and 3 Early Readers
Colors and General Concepts
Learn to Draw
Shapes, Counting and Numbers, and Money Recognition
Vocabulary Builders (Animals, Food, Electronics, People and Occupations, and Transportation)
Anatomy and Senses
Seasons and Weather
Strength and Ability
Character and Etiquette
Bible Story
Printable Bible Verses, Responsibility Charts, and Prewriting Worksheets

Kindergarten Curriculum

Quick Start Guide
Phonics Level 2 and 3 Early Readers
Anatomy Systems
History (God and Mankind, American History, Nations and Empires)
Book of Virtues
Signs and Signals
Basic Drawing
Geography (United States, World Geography, Terrain Features)
Math (Addition, Subtraction, Time, Memory Building, Understanding Patterns)
Vocabulary Builders (Building and Places, Food Recognition, People and Occupations)
Printable Prewriting Worksheets, Penmanship Worksheets, Drawing Worksheets, and Math worksheets

**You may have noticed similar titles in each set, but they are not the same book. The kindergarten level is more advanced then the preschool level.

Let me say, I typically shy away from all electronic curriculum just because things go on my computer and have a tendency to be forgotten. I also like the feel of a book in my hand, call me old fashioned. This curriculum was a bit different though as it can be printed out or even better, viewed on the iPad. My kids love the iPad, so that was actually a big plus!

At first this curriculum appears a bit simplistic because of the lack of large amounts of worksheets. This actually works to its advantage for my kids, and really for most kids in the age range. I have found that large amounts of writing tends to frustrate young kids who are just beginning to gain fine motor control needed for writing.   

The other good thing about the simplicity of the curriculum is it is there are no set lesson plans making it easy to follow the interests of your child, and if you follow their interests they are much more likely to learn. You can read and reread any book they are interested in on a particular day. The books are not terribly long and the lifelike pictures seem to hold their attention well. The first day we looked at ours I think the girls went through 7 books before they wanted to move on!

Not only can you follow interests, but you can also be sure to cover the information you child has trouble with more often. Since the curriculum is mainly books, they are meant to be read and reread often. The more you repeat it the more likely they are to remember it! If you notice you child having trouble in one particular area, you can make a point of reading that book more often!

Blue Manor Preschool Curriculum iPadBlue Manor Kindergarten Curriculum iPad

Blue manor Curriculum computer

There are a few worksheets included for the writing and math sections especially in the kindergarten curriculum when kids can handle more seat work.

Blue manor Curriculum WorksheetsBlue manor Curriculum Worksheets

We went through most of the books  in the few weeks we took to review this curriculum, and my kids really seemed to enjoy them.  They already knew most of the information in the preschool curriculum which allowed them to show them to Eli too. This was great because he loved the life like pictures, and they enjoy teaching him which is also a great way to reinforce information!

Blue Manor Curriculum iPad

The other good thing about the simplicity of this curriculum is all the flexibility it gives. As is, it works well for auditory and visual learners, but it leaves time to add activities for the kinesthetic learners as well.  Mine are visual and kinesthetic learners, and I intend to continue using this curriculum along with what I already have this next year!

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The strengths of the curriculum can be drawbacks for some. This curriculum has no lesson plans, so if you are someone who needs things planned out, I wouldn't use this exclusively. The books would still work well to supplement though!  

I asked my kids which books their favorites were and I was not at all surprised by the answers. Bria said the Early Readers (because she can read them), Nadia liked the Animal Recognition, and Eli liked the Transportation!

Each complete curriculum is $39.99 which is not bad for a full curriculum, or you can purchase sets of books (like all the early readers or all the vocabulary builders). Now through the end of July (I know not much time left) you can save $10 on your order with the code July10Gift! That only lasts for a couple more days, so head over to Blue Manor now!

Blue Manor Academy has also been generous enough to provide a copy of either the Preschool or Kindergarten Curriculum for one of our readers! 

(Click on the link below to enter!)

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