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Kid Made Trail Mix

Kid Made Trail Mix

Kid Made Trail Mix

My oldest just finished participating in her first 4-H fair! As a Clover Kid she is allowed to take whatever project she wants and as many as she wants! Luckily she wasn't too ambitious this year choosing only to take some trail mix and the button flower she made at her first meeting.

Trail Mix is such a good thing for this age group to make because there is no wrong way to do it! I let Bria choose her ingredients and how much to add of each (within reason since her first recipe was nothing but M&Ms and peanuts).

She started with Cheerios, pretzels, mixed nuts, yogurt covered raisins, and M&M's. She added them in that order, stirred gently, and spooned it into a jar.

Trial Mix IngredientsTrail Mix Pretzels

Trial Mix NutsTrial Mix Raisins

Trail Mix M&MsTrial Mix Stir

Trial Mix Trial Mix in Jar

I think she ended up with around 3 C Cheerios, 1 1/2 C pretzels, 1 C nuts, 1 bag yogurt covered raisins, and 1 C M&Ms. We sealed up the jar, and she chose fabric and ribbon for me to add to the top.

Trial Mix Ready for Fair

That evening it was off to the fair! We were lucky and got to be the first ones to talk to the judge (I was worried that Bria would be too nervous to go first, but she was ready)

And she was so proud to go home and tell her dad that she got two green ribbons! 

Clover Kid Trail Mix

After looking at all the other projects later that week I have a feeling we may be a bit more ambitious next year especially since her little sister should be able to participate too! As a side note, if I ever have to be a 4-H judge I want Clover Kids! No judging involved just talking and saying, "well, I think this deserves a green ribbon!" 

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