Learn about Dressing for the Weather with the Community Helper for M

25 April

Our first Community Helper for M is Mailman! For some reason the girls have recently been fascinated by mail, so this came at a very good time. The girls already knew what a mailman did (deliver and pick up mail), but there was still plenty to learn.  We started by talking about how to address an envelope. They learned where to put the address they were sending it to, their address as a return address, and a stamp.

They practiced writing envelopes using the recipient, the sender, and a sticker for a stamp. After they made about 20 of these we decided to pretend to be mailmen!  We got out a little mailbox we had and they took turns sending the mail and being the mailman who picks up and delivers the mail.  I made sure they knew to put the flag up if there was mail in the box!

Then we decided to talk about the clothes mailmen wear. I asked the girls if they had noticed how the mail always comes even when the weather is bad. They, of course, hadn't thought about it. I brought out a basket of different cloths and asked them if they could pick out clothes for the mailman based on different types of weather. We didn't have a rain jacket or hat, so we just went with a regular jacket and sun hat.

Rainy (pretend it is a rain jacket and hat)

Sunny and Hot

Cold and Snowy

Warm and Breezy (Spring)
Then they went back to pretending. Somehow between Nadia putting the mail in the box and Bria picking it up it must have turned into winter!

We also made sure to leave some brownies out for out Mailman! Hopefully he enjoyed them!

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