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"Where are the Dinos?" Review and Giveaway

"Where are the Dinos?" Review and Giveaway
**For the sake of full disclosure, I received a copy of this ebook in exchange for my review, but my reviews are always my own opinions.**

Today I am super excited to share a DINO-mite early reader with all of you. Where are the Dino's? written by Julia Dweck is a humorous book that is based on the natural curiosity and baffling logic of little kids.   Its clever word play and playful prose make it an entertaining read for children and parents (especially those of curious kids). Not to mention the illustrations (done by Bob Ostrom) are adorable and really add to the story.

While this is an early reader it was still a bit above my daughter's ability (first grade reading level); great for second to third grade readers! It was thoroughly enjoyed by all listeners; including the littlest listener in the house (21 months). Lots of rhyming makes this book flow quickly and easily. I did have to explain a few of the word plays to my own questioning children, but as soon as they understood, the jokes were met with loads of laughter. Overall a very fun book!

To go with the book there are extra facts about dinosaurs. They don't tell you where they shopped, but they can clear up some confusion as to why they aren't at zoos. There is also instructions on how to draw a dinosaur and some scrambled words to solve.

The generous author, Julia Dweck, is allowing me to give away 5 copies of this book to my readers. That's right 5 chances to win! 

It is an ebook which can be viewed on a Kindle Fire or a Mac, PC, Android, or iPad using Amazon's free "cloud reader" or Kindle app.

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This  is not Julia's only book either, she has several other's that are uniquely hers and quite fun to read including Pie-Rits, Pandora's Box, and Bee Witched. (I've read them and you should check them out!)  You can find Julia on facebook, twitter, amazon, and her website.

And if anyone is wondering, my favorite dinosaur always has been Triceratops, but I am a pretty big fan of Parasaurolophus as well!

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