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Coloful Bubble Snakes

Coloful Bubble Snakes

It's definitely felt more like SPRING around here! That means warmer weather which leads to more time outside and bubbles! I saw tons of people making these Bubble Snakes last year, but it took this long for us to get around to it. Really no reason for it either because they are super easy! 

Start with a plastic bottle, an old mismatched socks (I don't really even know why I hold onto these), and some duct tape for each kid. Cut the end off the bottle (please squish it and cut with scissor, do NOT stab it, and your finger, with a knife like I did). Slip the sock over the cut end and duct tape it one.

Mix some dish soap with a small amount of water in a shallow dish. Dip the sock end in the bubble solution and blow! See easy!

Then the best part was adding color! Using liquid food coloring, we put small drops of color on our socks. Blow through the sock now, and you have Colorful Bubble Snakes!

The girls were amazed at the colors! And Eli, of course, couldn't help but attack them all! 

After seeing how incredibly easy these were, I can't figure why we waited so long to make them! And the blowers are reusable, so we will likely have a whole summer of Bubble Snakes!

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