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Learn how to Alphabetize with the Community Helper for L

Learn how to Alphabetize with the Community Helper for L
Our Community Helper for L is Librarian! My kids are all familiar with our librarians since we are frequently at the library; however, they didn't really know what the librarians did other then check out books. 

 We talked about how the librarians also have to organize the books. Of course they organize by the Dewey Decimal System, which I told the girls about, but it was much too difficult for the girls. So we went a bit easier and just grabbed all the alphabet books. This way the girls would be able to organize the books while practicing alphabet order.

After the girls had all the books in alphabetical order they took turns playing librarian. One of them would select a few books to check out while the other would pretend to scan them and then, upon return, place them back in alphabetical order on the shelf.

This simple activity kept them entertained for nearly an hour until their Daddy came home. They were so excited about it they were even talking about it at dinner!

And since we are at our library so often we wanted to show our librarians how much we appreciate them, so we took them cupcakes! They seemed quit surprised (maybe since we broke the no food in the library rule)! Unfortunately Eli was not too thrilled about giving away the cupcakes and had a little melt down, so I was unable to take any pictures. The poor librarians felt bad for him too, but I assured them I had more at home for him (which I did). Luckily he was able to calm down and enjoy story time still! 

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