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Sand Art Pictures

Sand Art Pictures

This week I decided to try out one of Bria's birthday presents with the girls.  It was a cute little art set where you removed sections of the picture and added sand.

The results really were pretty cute even though the girls weren't able to be very exact with it.

They were a bit frustrated by how hard it was to get the paper off the sticky side.  I had a feeling this would be a problem and planned an easier, more abstract version to do after the pictures.  I cut pieces of contact paper and let them dump colored sand on the sticky side.  I was expecting them to want large pieces or various shapes to use, but all they wanted was smallish squares.

 It didn't matter what shape they were; they loved it! Even after we were out of contact paper they kept playing with the extra sand.  I think they really liked all the colors.

 I do have to say that some sand still falls off as the piece is handled, so I guess if you are wanting to keep them for an extended period of time you might try spraying clear acrylic over them.  I would say put another sheet of contact paper over it, but I tried that and failed.   We just hung ours, as is, in the playroom windows.

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