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How to Make Pipe Cleaner Flower Rings

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Flower Rings

While at the Renaissance Festival this past weekend, the girls got these little flower rings made from pipe cleaners.

They are pretty cute little rings, and I figured they would be fairly easy to make. So we decided to give it a try; here is our attempt.

You start with 6 pipe cleaners in whatever color you want for the petals and 1 green pipe cleaner for the leaves.

Lay all 6 petal pipe cleaners even and twist in the center several times.

Measure the center part around your finger and twist them all together to make a ring.

You should then have 12 straight pieces coming out of a ring. Take each straight piece and curl it down (I used a little skewer to start mine).

Arrange the petals how you like.

Then take the green pipe cleaner and wrap it at the bottom of the petals.

Curl both of the green ends for leaves.

And you have a cut little flower ring!

Even the girls could make the majority of them.  I had to help with the initial twists and start the curling, but they finished it!

Petals ready.

Ready to start curling.


Adding leaves.

 All done!

 They definitely had a good time making these, and they are so easy that once the are lost or ruined, we can make more!

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