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Make a Pirate Treasure Hunt for Gross Motor Fun

Make a Pirate Treasure Hunt for Gross Motor Fun

Gross Motor Pirate Treasure Hunt

Ahoy! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day! I thought it would be fun for the girls to go on a treasure hunt.  They know what a map is, but they have never really had to read one.  Ours was very simple, but I was happy when they figured it out so quickly.  Nathan drew a map of our backyard, and then I added lines and a legend telling them what the lines meant.  For each different line they have to perform a different motion.  I used, hopping, twirling, walking, skipping, tiptoeing, and running.  You could definitely throw some others in there.

At each landmark I places 2 chocolate coins (1 for each girl).  I tried not to hide them too hard.

At the end where the X was I placed a box with chocolate coins, 2 ring pops, and the  3 sparkly ponies the girls needed to complete their collection.

I gave the girls the map before they got dressed. It definitely motivated them to get around this morning!  Bria immediately knew "X marks the spot," but it took a little time for her to realize it was the backyard.

Excited to get their treasure map and start the treasure hunt

X marks the spot on our homemade map

After they were ready to head outside we dressed like pirates!  My son was not a fan of his hat, but he did like the chocolate.

Ready for a treasure hunt

I even got the girls to say "Arrrrr" and make their toughest face (not too scary)!

Then we started the hunt! They did a good job looking at the landmarks and deciding how they needed to move to get there.  I ended up carrying their little basket to keep their treasure from falling out on the way.

Reading the map to find the hidden treasure

Finding coins in the treasure hunt
Found the first coins.

They have to read the map as well as follow the instructions
Hopping to the next location.

Twirling through the yard
Twirling to the next spot.

Baby brother after the tresure

Should have dressed him as a crocodile instead of a pirate. He just followed along begging more chocolate.

More pirate coins found on the slide
Found coins on the slide.

All the pirate booty they found on their treasure hunt
Lots of booty!

Headed to find the final treasure at the X
Running to the X!

It took them a little while to find the "treasure chest" because they were still expecting coins.  Once it was found, however, it didn't take any time for them to dig into it!


They had so much fun they went and hid the candy again and again!  We will definitely have to do it again next year!

Update! Bria even decided to try and make her own map of the living room.  I helped her draw in the furniture, and she did the rest! Guess we will be having some treasure hunts inside from now on!

My kids even made their own treasure hunt map

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