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How to Make Fire Breathing Dragons from Cardboard Tubes

How to Make Fire Breathing Dragons from Cardboard Tubes

I came across these Fire Breathing Dragons  a while ago figuring they would be good for Eli when he was a bit older.  After our adventure to the Renaissance Festival, I was thinking of things to do and remembered these.  Since it was the girls making them I decided to let them make whatever color dragons they would like instead of the basic green.

You start with a toilet paper tube and some acrylic paint. Paint your tube whatever color you want your dragon to be.

After it is dry you can glue on eyes and nostrils. We used pom poms for the eye sockets and nostrils along with googly eyes.  I hot glued them on.

Then you glue red streamers around the inside of the mouth for the fire!

And blow!

I had to cut my streamers pretty short for the girls to get any movement; guess they just aren't as full of hot air as I am. The shorter they are the easier they are to blow. They still had a lot of trouble, so I inserted a straw inside the tube along the top.  I taped it in, so it was sticking out a little on each side.  Now they can blow into the straw and the force of the air through the smaller tube gives them a lot of movement in the top streamer.


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