Caramel Apple Salad makes a Wonderful Fall Dessert

17 September

As I happened through Wal-Mart a couple weeks ago I came across Caramel Apple Milky Ways.  I would guess a lot of people know I love caramel apples and that Milky Ways are my favorite candy bar, so this had to be good (or extremely bad).

Immediately after buying, while sitting in my car, I opened one to try.  It smelled like chocolate covered gummi bears (another favorite of mine), and it tasted pretty similar to caramel apples wrapped in chocolate.  The apple part wasn't perfect, but it was close enough, besides, you can't replace that apple crunch.  Then I decided they would be great in Snickers salad in place of Snickers. Can't really call it Snickers salad without Snickers, though, so here is my Caramel Apple Salad.

My ingredients:

Quick Caramel Apple Salad 

Chop your apple and candy bars.  I know some people also add chopped up caramels to Snickers salad, and those would be a good fit here as well.

Gently fold apples and candy bars together and refrigerate.  This is best after it has refrigerated a couple hours but not over a day as it starts to get runny. So be sure to make it the day you plan to serve it!

So you really can't see how yummy it is, but really, it is good!

Caramel Apple Salad Taste Test

Seasonal candy is always a toss up between good and absolutely terrible. In this case, the candy was pretty tasty, so I knew the dessert would be good, but, to my surprise, both Nathan and I prefer this version of Caramel Apple Salad! Sweet chocolate and caramel, plus the apples to provide that needed apple crunch, make this a simple and brilliant fall dessert. Too bad the Milky Way Caramel Apple Candy Minis are a limited fall flavor!

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