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"Eatable" Pillows and Waterfall Chocolate

"Eatable" Pillows and Waterfall Chocolate

This week we finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The girls were very interested in this book. they requested to read it before bed, and if it weren't for Bria's short attention span I think we would have read it straight through. Nadia never wanted to stop!  I was hoping to find the sequel at the library, but ours doesn't carry it. So my hopes of another week or so to come up with chocolate based activities didn't happen.  Oh well, we did have a little fun with our lunch one day because of it.  I had the girls mix some chocolate milk by "waterfall."  Basically I put milk and chocolate syrup in one glass and had them pour it back and forth until it was mixed.

Then Bria requested a pipe, so I gave them straws.

I made them "eatable pillows" although not with marshmallows for lunch.  I cut the crust off their bread and wrapped peanut butter and nutella in the center complete with a few flowered sprinkles on top.

And of course we sampled some Wonka candies we found. This is how I realized I no longer like Runts.  At the end of it all I had them draw some pictures about what they remembered from the book.

 Bria wasn't too interested in drawing, but she did draw the 5 children, and in one of her drawings she gave Violet a blue tummy.  Nadia just drew a couple people and chocolate.  Hopefully if I ask them to draw what they remember after a reading a book again I will get a little more cooperation.

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