Learn about Money with the Community Helper for C

30 November

For our second C Community Helper we talked about Cashiers.  We see cashiers all the time, and we never think much about them.  We probably take them for granted really as it isn't a very glorified position, but we do need someone to do the job!  We decided to bless the cashiers at a small store here in town with some cupcakes we got while we were grocery shopping.  They were quite surprised!

I also set up a little store for the girls in our living room.  I took a few of their toys and grouped them with a price tag in front of each group.  I set up an area for the cashier and set out their little shopping cart for a more authentic experience.

 One got a pretend $20.00 bill to shop with while the other was the cashier.  Obviously they needed a lot of guidance with this activity. But with help we were able to practice greater than and less than to determine if they had enough money.

And some addition when adding prices.  They added prices when they were shopping to make sure they had enough, and the cashier added prices too.  I had the cashier draw dots to represent the cost of each item; then they counted the dots for the total. Most of the time they made sure to spend all their money, so no subtraction was needed.

They kept playing until the store was empty!

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