Learn about the Universe with the Community Helper for A

02 November

  Recently the girls have been interested in the different kinds of jobs people do, so I decided to go through a few of them along with the alphabet. The obvious career for A is Astronaut, and that is exactly the one we started with. In fact we started studying the solar system along with it. We found a solar system place mat at Wal-Mart for a dollar!  Seeing all the planets and other bodies in the solar system was amazing for the girls. They were particularly fascinated with the asteroid belt and Jupiter's eye.

Bria showing me earth.
We discussed gravity a bit, and I picked them up and flipped them upside down a couple times (too bad we didn't have a trampoline handy). Then we had some astronaut ice cream (I found it at Old Navy of all places); it really didn't taste too bad. Wile they were eating it I flipped then again to see if they could eat while "floating." Nadia said she could, but Bria said she was too scared. Meanwhile, Eli was just trying to steal all the freeze dried ice cream.

We put together a little glowing outer space sensory bin.  

We did some math with stars.

We played comet catch.

But we did not get anywhere near all the things done that I was hoping to, so I think we will continue working on space stuff for another week at least!

After talking about astronauts, Nadia wanted to sing a song about them.

As we continued our space learning, we learned about the earth's rotation.

We also hunted for Constellations with watercolors.

We found this Solar System Song on youtube that the girls love. They say Venus looks like a pizza!

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