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Bria's Brave Party

Bria's Brave Party
Brave party

Way back in January, my oldest informed me that she wanted a Brave themed party for her 6th birthday. Of course I started planning then, and then it got packed away and everything was done last minute like always.  She was thrilled with it!

For her outfit we just bought a Brave dress from Target. I waited to long to try and make anything other then her wig! Her wig is made from a red, stretchy headband that I attached red, curling ribbon to. Then I curled all the ribbon and ended up with a crazy wig! I had room to add more ribbon too! 

Brave Merida Outifit

The cake did not turn out how I wanted. Apparently my kitchen was a bit too warm, and despite a dowel rod the top kind of slid off the bottom and took icing with it. EEK! I was able to cut down the top and 'repair" the bottom, but it still wasn't as cute as the first time! Bria was quite pleased with it though, and it tasted good! 

Brave Cake

To welcome people to the house, I hung my bow on the front door. Then I had a row of blue, wisps (balloons) leading through our forest (streamers).

Brave decor bowbrave balloon wisp trail

On the other side was the feast! 

brave party table

We had "Haggis" Kabobs, "Target Practice" Fruit, "Angus (vegetable) Treats," "Bear Bait," and of course Empire Biscuits (well I used sugar cookies), and "Wisps of Destiny" (cotton candy).

brave party food kabobsBrave party food fruit

Brave party food vegetablesBrave party food teddy grahams

Brave party food empire biscuits cookiesBrave party food cotton candy wisps

We had a variety of drinks, but for the kids I had juice pouches and cans of Sprite set aside with dry ice (and a little water to make the steam) for "Witches Potion." I wasn't sure about letting the kids drink with the dry ice in their cups, but several did! If you do this just make sure they are old enough to keep the ice away from their mouth!

Brave party food potionBrave party dry ice

Outside I has a trail of cellophane and tissue paper wisps for the kids to follow to the back yard where bows and arrows awaited them!

Brave party wisp trail

Each child was given a simple bow made from CPVC pipe (we found it bent better then PVC pipe) and nylon string. As well as a quiver with 3 arrows. 

Brave party bow arrowsbrave party bow arrows

The quiver was made from a Pringles can that I (or maybe my husband and friend) spray painted. I intended to paint designs or something on them, but the graphics on a Pringles can don't cover well, so it took a long time to get them painted. I glued a ribbon (tried to stick with plaid, but couldn't fins many options around here) around the top of the can with extra for them to tie around their waist like Merida wears hers. The arrows are made out of a dowel rod and a pool noodle. My husband notched the ends of the dowel rods, so they would slip over the string too.

Seems like all the kids (including the grown ones) had a good time with the bows! They mostly shot at some large stuffed animals we had, but a few of the older ones may have been shooting them at each other (mainly my husband both on the giving and receiving end).

Brave party activityBrave party activity

Of course we had presents! She was really most excited about anything Lego! She liked the others too though!

And then back to the cake. It took two tries to get the candles all blown out, but she did it, and then everyone enjoyed the cake and ice cream.

Brave party cake

Especially Eli, who went back for seconds and maybe thirds....

It was an exciting and exhausting day for everyone in the house! I really enjoyed watching the kids with those bows and arrows though! Now I get a few months to work on the next birthday!

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