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Snow Castle

Snow Castle

It snowed! A LOT! Luckily a couple days after the snow it was fairly warm out and the snow had melted slightly and refroze at night, and you know what that makes? Snow fort snow! The packable sturdy snow you can build with. I think this is my husband's favorite snow because he likes building snow forts. 

So out he went with a container and all the kids. He started with a sidewalk chalk container and decided it was too small, so he switched to a plastic shoe box which worked much better.  Start by packing your container with snow. Once it is good and packed, flip it over and build just like a sand castle.

This snow fort turned into a snow castle when I brought out spray bottles of colored water and a cup. I will say you need your water pretty dark to get it to show up, especially the yellow! The girls happily went to spraying the colored water on the snow castle and then Nathan made a moat with the blue. Eli couldn't help but want to be in the moat; fitting to have a monster in the moat anyhow I suppose.  

As they were coloring the snow, we used the cup to make little turrets for the top of our castle. I also found some "caterpillars" (what the girls call these fuzzy topped weeds) for flags. Nathan dug out an entrance and found a piece of wood for a drawbridge, and Bria used her scarf as a carpet.

The girls were excited when it was finished and their "hangers" (fingers) could play in it. 

That evening I put some colored ice cubes in the freezer to make some Ice Jewels. I figured the girls might want to decorate their castle with them.  I was wrong! They wanted to pretend they were slugs all going to a ball for the princess slug. Yeah, I have no idea how they came up with that. Poor Eli just kept getting told (by the girls) to stay away from their slugs.

Now I have heard we may be getting even more snow, so it will be interesting to see what happens to our castle and the little slugs.  Have you built anything cool out of snow this year?

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