How to Make a Letter H Sensory Bin

06 February

The Letter H really surprised me! I was expecting it to be a bit more difficult to find things that start with H.  In fact I had decided before I even started that I could always find some fake hair or cut a heart out of felt if I needed more! Once I started looking though, stuff just started popping out.  The girls found a horse and a hippo immediately! Then I added a hamster, helicopter, hammer, and hat; throw in the H book, letter magnet, and some foam H's and it was almost overflowing!

Before I could even give the bin to Eli he had ripped the "po" (hippo) out of it.  After that it was straight to the magnet.  He has been really interested in the singing magnet the past few bins.  He just sits there pushing the button to hear the song over and over......."Every letter makes a sound." (I think I hear it in my sleep sometimes.)

Then he found the helicopter which immediately flew threw the air complete with flying noises that a plane would normally make.

And after reading the book and glancing at the other items he moved on to the hat.  He said something that sounded like hat and tried to get it on his head.  Apparently his 19 month head doesn't fit into an 18 month hat! 

For more sensory fun (including all previous letters) visit my Sensory Page!

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