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24 February

Our first Community Helper for I is Ice Cream Man! Ok this really wasn't on my original list, but after seeing this fun Ice Cream Dough at Momma's Fun World (and knowing my great love for the Ice Cream Man), I had to try it!  

Unfortunately for me, I couldn't get the recipe to work quite right.  So, I made my own! I started with the 3 cups of baking soda and added the 3 teaspoons of conditioner, but it wasn't enough, so I kept adding it.  Finally it started to hold together a bit, but now it wasn't as fluffy as I wanted. So I threw in some shaving cream too!

 I also added Kool-aid packets for the color and scent.  A word to the wise, NEVER use the grape flavor! It is not a pretty purple color like you would expect; instead it is a nasty gray with a weird grape-ish smell. Our other smells were strawberry, peach mango, blue raspberry, and vanilla (I used vanilla extract for that one).

I froze it a bit to make it colder for the girls and then turned them loose with ice cream scoops, bowls, and stale cones.

They took turns ordering and filling orders. I might have frozen the ice cream dough a little too long as it was hard for them to get out. It didn't stop them though. They kept right on playing.

Eventually they dumped it all together and asked for sprinkles (of course you need sprinkles on ice cream....what was I thinking). Now that it was thawed a bit they were able to mold it a bit more.

After about an hour we ended up with a weird brown colored concoction that smelled a bit like fruit punch.   Maybe not something I would order from the Ice Cream Man, but they had fun nonetheless.

Now I am really wishing we had a mobile Ice Cream Man around here; to the freezer I go!

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