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Learn about Hair Care with the Community Helper for H

Learn about Hair Care with the Community Helper for H

Our community helper for H is Hair Stylist! The girls got a brief introduction to this last week when grandma helped cut Eli's hair.  Well Bria helped with the spray bottle.  As you can see from Nadia's hair, Bria helped a lot!

They were actually have a great time playing with just the spray bottle (full of water) and a brush.

So this week we added a comb as well as hair clips and headbands! They took turns doing each others hair, and they even tried to do mine! 

After an hour or so Bria decided she needed more customers. So she tried to make a sign to advertise on our door.

 Of course there was no way anyone would have seen it or have believed it if they did see it! So she turned to her dolls to be customers.  

This was really a great activity for them and it required very little set up!  Just grab a tiny spray bottle of water, a comb and brush, and some hair accessories! They were entertained for A LOT of time; way more then I expected!

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