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Creating Sensory Snow with the Polymers in Diapers

Creating Sensory Snow with the Polymers in Diapers
As soon as the leaves fall.

As soon as the weather turns colder.

As soon as Thanksgiving is done.

My kids are looking for snow. No matter how much I hate cold weather, they love the cold, white stuff.

Of course, it is too warm for snow here right now.

So to content my kids, we checked out some snow themed books from the library and made our own fake snow.

Supplies to Make Your Own Snow

Creating Sensory Snow

Once again I started dissecting disposable diapers (HERE is our first experience doing this). 

The absorbent crystals in the diaper are what you want, so just cut into the diaper and pull them out. 

I left more of the white fluffy stuff this time since it is white like snow; I also threw in some glitter.

Now I know some people are concerned with the chemicals in diapers. If you are one of them; please don't do this. I personally do not think that the small amount of time my kids played with this poses them any danger especially since they washed their hands right after.

So, if you feel alright about continuing, add some water! 

The polymers in the disposable diaper absorb water and get really fluffy. You may already know this if you have had a diaper explode on you or like me, accidentally washed one. Talk about mess! 

Now you have nice, fluffy snow. We also added some blue food coloring for that cold effect.

This stuff is a wonderful jelly consistency that is also cool to the touch. Lots of fun to SQUISH!

Definitely a great open ended sensory bin. 

Kids can simply enjoy the sensation with their hands, or like my daughters, they can add dolls.

Once they were done playing the snow started getting all over the floorwe decided it needed to melt away like real snow too.  

So out comes the salt. Sprinkle and wait then stir a bit. 

Sprinkle some more if you didn't use enough the first time. 

The salt draws the water back out, and now the snow is gone!

Pretty easy clean up really. Just a bunch of water just like real snow.

The best part about this squishy, snow  sensory bin.....you can stay warm while playing! 

Too bad they still want the cold, white stuff.

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