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How to Make Simple Snow Ice Cream

How to Make Simple Snow Ice Cream
My kids love snow; don't ask me why sometimes I question if they are actually mine. They look forward to snow starting in September when the leaves start turning colors.

They also look forward to snow ice cream. A simple treat made from frozen precipitation. They like making it, and they love eating it!

Well yesterday we had our first decent snow of the winter (we had a little earlier on, but no accumulation). Of course they wanted to go out immediately.

And out went a big bowl with us to collect the snow. The clean snow at least.

You need quite a bit of snow to turn it into ice cream too! Aside from the snow there are only a couple ingredients.

Snow Ice Cream Ingredients

  • 8 C clean snow
  • 1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla

Snow Ice Cream Directions

There are really no special instructions to create this winter treat. Start by putting all ingredients in a bowl.

Then just mix it all together and eat!

It melts faster then regular ice cream does, and honestly this snow ice cream recipe is a little sweet for me.  Next time I will just add more snow!  

The kids all seemed to enjoy it though especially with chocolate syrup!

If you have clean snow, snow ice cream is a fun way to enjoy it inside!

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