Learn about Your Body with the Community Helper for D

19 December

I am finally getting around to our other Letter D Community Helper.....Doctor!  Last week we started on this with our Body Maps, and this week we got the chance to actually pretend to be doctors.

We started by gathering all the doctor supplies in the house and a bunch of baby dolls. I numbered all the dolls with little stickers.

Then I made a chart for the girls to check off what they checked on the dolls.  It included height, weight, eyes, ears, mouth, pulse, and blood pressure.  I didn't have room for anymore, but the girls added temperature.

For the weight I made a little scale out of paper plates, yarn, and a hanger since our bathroom scale won't weight things that light.  This way we could compare it to another stuffed animal of similar size.

I had them measure their height with big duplo blocks.  They found it easiest to lay them down to measure them like you do real babies.

Then they put them on the table (piano bench) and used all their doctor tools to check them out.  If they appeared healthy they got shots, but if they had a fever they got medicine instead.

The girls ended up added some stuffed animals too.  They even came and asked me for numbers to put on them! While they were working on these stuffed animals I was playing a game with Eli.  I took a sticker and stuck it to him and then said, "The sticker is on Eli's _____." Then he rips it off and giggles. He started this game a few months ago with tape and for some reason is very entertained by it.  This time he kept pointing at his foot. He wanted the sticker on his foot.  Hopefully he is learning some body parts too!

Although we are done with D, I think we will continue some human body stuff for a couple more weeks at least!

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