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Paper Towel Roll Snowmen

 Paper Towel Roll Snowmen
These cute little snowmen were super easy and quick to make. And they use up some of those cardboard rolls you have stashed away for Pinterest projects; come on, you know you do!

Supplies for Cardboard Tube Snowmen

  • Cardboard Tubes (paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls)
  • White Paint (or whatever color you want your snowmen to be)
  • Hot Glue
  • Various Ribbons
  • Scissors

How to Assemble Paper Roll Snowmen

Start by cutting your paper towel rolls (or toilet paper rolls) with a serrated knife. The serration should keep the tubes from squishing too badly.

I cut mine about an inch and a half thick, but you could make them as think or thin as you want!

Paint them white.  I don't think it matters what kid of paint you use.  I wanted to get them done pretty quick, so I spray painted the majority of them.

I did let each of the girls paint one snowman with acrylic paint. Of course the girls did not want white snowmen, so they used sparkly pink and purple.

Hot glue 3 of the roll sections together to form a snowman shape. You could do just two sections if you wanted short snowmen, but we wanted classic snowmen with 3 parts.

Pick out ribbon to use for the snowman's scarf. Picking the ribbon was the girls favorite part!

Cut a piece of ribbon about 8 inches long to be a scarf. Glue the edge of the ribbon between two of the balls then wrap it around the neck of the snowman and glue again.

If you want it to lay flat fold it over and glue in the fold. Otherwise it will look like the scarf is blowing which my girls seem to like! They did the same thing with their Nutter Butter Snowmen!

We had a lot of variety to our paper roll snowmen!

I just used some thread looped through the top to hang our snowmen, but if you want something prettier you could glue some ribbon in a loop at the top.

Quick, easy little snowmen to hang anywhere you want plus more room in your Pinterest supply stash! 

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