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Cariboo Re-Do for Blending Words

Cariboo Re-Do for Blending Words

When the girls were younger they really enjoyed the game Cariboo.

If you have never seen it, it is a cute game to practice colors, shapes, numbers, and letters while finding balls to unlock treasure.  They loved it when they were 2 and 3 but have since outgrown it.  Not only had they outgrown it, Bria had eaten corners off a few of the pieces making it unusable.  It has set around here for a while waiting, and I finally got around to repairing it. I didn't repair it in the same way though.  Instead I increased the difficulty to a level they are at.  I wanted to use the originally alphabet cards, so I decided the easiest way to repair it would be to make new cards with common word endings.  Just some card stock and a marker, and we have a new game!

Then they could draw a card, select an ending, and blend them into a word. Didn't matter if it was a real word or not as long as they were able to blend it into a word.  Basically I just want them to work on sounding out words.  It worked! They had a great time making all sorts of silly words!

You could do the so much with it.  Cards for addition or subtraction, matching sight words, matching words to pictures, and probably many more!  I may end up making more versions too!

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