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Learn about Teeth with the Community Helper for D

Learn about Teeth with the Community Helper for D
Our first Community Helper for D is Dentist.  Obviously the girls are quite aware of what a dentist does, especially my oldest who has already had cavities.  This would have been a great place to visit with snacks, but unfortunately for us our dentist (and doctor) is an hour away.  Not someplace I can just drop by!  Hopefully we will remember to take something next time we have an appointment!

Egg experiment to teach dental health

Hands-on Learning about Dentists

We were lucky to find a a dentist kit at the library that included a dentist puppet, mirror, tooth x-ray, and several books.  They had fun pretending to be dentists.

Examining dental x-ray while learning about community helpers
Looking at x-rays. A couple of the teeth
had fillings (not that you can tell here.)

Pretending to be dentists while learning about community helpers

Hands-on learning about dentists
Nadia did not like the flashlight in her face.
She also didn't like it when Eli got ahold of it and tried to stick it in her mouth!

Experiment to Teach Why We Brush Our Teeth

Supplies Needed:
  • Eggs
  • Cola (we used Pepsi, but Coke or RC would work)
  • Toothbrush
How to Perform the Tooth Brushing Experiment

We did this little experiment to show the girls why we need to brush our teeth.  I soaked 2 white eggs ( I used them straight out of the fridge) in Pepsi for a little over an hour.

Egg Experiment for Dental Health

The eggs turned a lovely shade of brown. (And yet I still drink Pepsi!)

Use eggs to show why teeth brushing is important

Comparison of normal egg and discolored agg

Then I gave the girls old toothbrushes (I had saved them just for this) and a glass of water.  I let them brush the eggs for a little bit like that, and they could see a difference.

Now brush the discoloration away

Brushing alone removes some discoloration

Then I asked if they wanted some toothpaste.  They were excited to try it and brushed away!

Does toothpaste help

Brushing eggs to compare to teethHands-on learning about teeth brushing

Somehow we brushed a bit too much and broke an egg (Maybe hard boiled eggs would have been better; I just wasn't sure the color would come off them as easily).

On the whole egg, you could definitely see the brown came off even better once we added the toothpaste! Check out the nearly white egg!

I think after all the scrubbing they can really visualize why they need to brush their teeth well!

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