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Explosion of Awesome Fireworks Crafts and Activities for Kids

Explosion of Awesome Fireworks Crafts and Activities for Kids
Fireworks are beautiful. They demand attention through their loud explosions and beautiful colors. But we can't enjoy fireworks all the time. They wouldn't be as special if we did, plus I'm sure neighbors would not be appreciative of constant noise. Aside from that there is the cost, they are't cheap, and many areas don't allow them or only allow them during certain times. Plus, there are some people out there that are sensitive to them!

So how can we enjoy those beautiful bursts without all the downsides? How can those who are sensitive to the explosions enjoy their beauty? How can we celebrate with fireworks without staying up late?

Lucky for us, there are so, so many firework themed arts and crafts as well as fun activities are out there, and I have gathered a whole big bunch of them below for you!

So if you have restrictions of the use of fireworks either due to where you live or how sensitive your kiddo is, you can still enjoy them through these activities!

Fireworks Themed Arts and Crafts

First up, so Fireworks that use mainly paper with a few other supplies but no paint! I know paint can be a deal breaking for some people.

Similar to beginning quilling, these paper strips are assembled into 3D Paper Fireworks. (pictured)

Reuse all those little holes you have punched out or punch out some in your favorite colors to make these Confetti Fireworks. (pictured)

This one requires a printer, some colored pencils, and glue, but the result is a fun Firework Flextangle. (pictured)

Shredded Paper Fireworks are a great way to use shredded paper and improve fine motor skills.

Simple ribbons become pretty fireworks  in this Ribbon Fireworks  craft. (pictured)

Keep things simple with paper and  Washi Tape Fireworks

This next group of pretty fireworks crafts are made with a variety of supplies that could be a bit messier. Think paint, pipe cleaners, and glitter.

Paper Fireworks are little hand held explosions of paper and ribbon.

Bleeding Tissue Paper Fireworks take advantage of the unique properties of bleeding tissue paper to make beautiful backdrops for fireworks!

A little cutting, gluing, and painting create this Easy Firework Craft.

Popsicle Stick Firework are fun little crafts made from paper, popsicle sticks, and ribbon. (pictured)

For truly 3 dimensional fireworks try these Straw and Pipe Cleaner Fireworks

Beautiful Fireworks Candle Holders set the stage for a celebration.

Study absorption while making these fun Salt and Glue Fireworks. (pictured)

Fireworks Process Art are more about the process than the product, but they still look like fireworks.

Dish Brush Frieworks are a fun process art painting activity for kids.

Straws become a Kid Friendly Sparkler Craft. (pictured)

This DIY Sparkler Craft is shiny and bright like the real thing! (pictured)

Simple and fun Fireworks Rings are a easy 3D craft.

Color bursts on paper with these Salad Spinner Fireworks.

Get your hands messy with these Firework Paintings!

Another colorful version of a Sparkler Firework Craft; this one comes in all sorts of colors too!

Toilet Paper Tube Firework Painting utilizes cardboard tubes, paint, and stamping for this lively art.

Combine paint and pastels for some fun Watercolor and Oil Pastel Firework Art.

Fireworks Themed Kid's Activities

Here we have a variety of fireworks themed activities for kids to enjoy!

Shoot some fireworks without the booms using these Fireworks Straw Rockets.

Fireworks in a Jar make beautiful fireworks inside a jar with common household ingredients. (pictured)

Kids can enjoy making their own fireworks with this Fireworks Display Sensory Bag. (pictured)

Explore magnets and create fireworks with a Magnetic Fireworks Jar.

Little bursts of color appear when kids make Fireworks in Milk. (pictured)

Sensory and messy fun combine in this Foam Fireworks Activity. (pictured)

Kids can practice phonics with some real fireworks fun by Practicing Starting Sounds with Fireworks.

For older kids or those just curious about chemistry they can use this to explore the Science of Fireworks.

Fireworks Themed Food

Of course, there is always fun, fireworks themed food to enjoy too. Plus kids can help prepare it!

A special ingredient makes these cookies explode in your mouth: Exploding Cookie Bars. (pictured)

Firework Cookies are a combination of treat and art! (pictured)

Edible Sparklers are beautifully disguised little cookie treats! (pictured)

Wrap up some twizzlers or other flat treat to make these Firecracker Treats for Kids. (pictured)

All of these are fabulous ways to explore fireworks with kids whether they enjoy the real thing or not! But if you do have little ones that are a bit sensitive to the sights, sounds, or smells of fireworks check out Making Fireworks Easier for Sensitive Kids.

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