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Books to Engage Kids and Enhance Your Homeschool

Books to Engage Kids and Enhance Your Homeschool

Everyone knows a homeschool is going to use a lot of books. I think as homeschool parents we all want to raise our kids to enjoy learning and to enjoy books. I mean most of us have multiple library cards and well over 100 books checked out at any given time (no, maybe just me then.) Anyhow, books are a source of information, and homeschool parents want their kids to know and enjoy them!

While you do have to use a lot of non-fiction books in a homeschool, they don't have to be dull or boring textbooks! You may need some of those, but there are definitely some other book styles that can be more engaging and still filled with facts. In fact Usborne Books and More offers some really unique non-fiction book series that kids love!

Shine-a-Light Books

This book series is intended for little learners (ages 4-8, although my older kids still like them.) The awesome thing about these is that there is a hidden picture on each page that the kids use a flashlight to find! How fun is that? Lots of fun topics covered too from animals to space!

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Big Books

These are just how they sound, BIG. These are large books that also have huge fold outs! Filled with great factual information as well as colorful illustrations, these are sure to engage young learners. There are even more than pictured above, and they all have huge fold out pages that are sure to grab little one's attention.

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I also want to note a couple awesome books that while not technically Big Books are large books that have some fold outs. In fact the information they provide is Lifesize! The books Lifesize and Lifesize Dinosaurs give kids a true comparison of how large (or small) animals and dinosaurs really are (were.) Super fun books for the younger crowd, but even my 10 year old loves to see how she compares to a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Lift-the-Flap Books

I have never met a kid that doesn't enjoy lift-the-flap books. Flaps are just irresistible! And that simple action of lifting a flap helps keep the information in the kids memories.

There are so, so many options for so many ages. The graphic above show the ages and size difference between the series. The number of flaps goes up with the recommended age as well as the about of information.  They cover a huge range of subjects too including math! You are sure to find one that will engage your learners.

My youngest loves What are Germs while my older kids' favorites include The Periodic Table, Great Cities, and Engineering!

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Academy Books

This activity book series explores different career fields for ages 7 and up. There are punch out models and lots of great activities to give them a taste of what they will need to know and do in that field.

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 100 Things to Know Books

These books are filled with interesting information (both common and uncommon) all laid out in a graphic novel format. These are great for kids that don't like to read wordy books, and the pictures are engaging. These are marked as ages 9 and up, but my nearly 12 year old loves them! They come in Spanish too.

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Another special note, while these are not in the 100 Things to Know series, they are set up in a similar fashion and though marked for 8 and up, will appeal to older kids. These are Understanding Politics and Understanding Business.


The amazing thing about these unique books is that kids will read them voluntarily. Mine pick them up and read through bits and pieces (or the whole thing) without me even realizing they did until later, usually when I am looking for the book or have already found it in an odd place.

Of course after realizing my kids would read them without being asked, I put them all on my wishlist! If you are like me and have a never ending wishlist for your homeschool let me help you get some books for free. Check out this post or email me for more information!

A Couple More Unique Learning Tools

While we are looking at unique, engaging books from Usborne Books and More, I also want to mention a couple other fabulous learning tools!

Learning Wrap-ups

First the Learning Wrap-ups. I overlooked these for so long, but my kids love them. Hands-on and self correcting make these ideal for memorizing math facts or state capitals, or any of the various other topics they encompass. There is even music theory!
These work by using the cord to match up the notches on either side of the key shape. Once done, you flip it over to see that your answers line up with the correct ones.

Learning Palette

Next is the Learning Palette. This little thing looks confusing too, but it is also self correcting. You need both the base and the cards to use it, but you can get cards for K-3.

To use this you remove all the little discs and put in the card, question side up. Then the child will answer the questions by putting in the correct discs. Once finished, they can turn the card over to check their answers.

These independent, hands-on, learning tools are great when kids just need to practice, practice, practice, or you need them to stay busy for just a bit longer. The learning wrap ups are even great in the car!

With so many great, engaging materials, kids can't help but learn!

Want to know more about the books Usborne Books and More offers that fit perfectly with homeschool? Hop into my group: Life with Moore Books!

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