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Simple Snowy Train Table

Simple Snowy Train Table

It's snowy outside here in Missouri! Eli has really been enjoying the snow too! Every time he sees it he declares, "NO, NO!" (He leaves the S off, but trust me, he's excited!) He is also very into his trains, so I decided to give his trains a snowy table to play on. 

This is seriously simple, take off all the trains and tracks, lay down a couple layers of thin quilt batting, replace tracks and trains. Ta Da! Snowy Train Table! I added our little houses too because he is pretty fascinated by them too! 

snowy train table

This awesome tunnel is actual a giant cardboard shipping tube. I draped the batting over it and cut holes, so the track could go in and out.

snowy train tunnel

I also managed to set up a little bridge (hard enough for me on a flat train table). The batting makes it a little tougher to get bridges to stay up just because it is an uneven surface. 

snowy train bridge

Eli saw the table when he woke from his nap and immediately started playing with it without even saying a word! He was especially interested in tunnel which had been his megaphone the day before!  Even the girls helped him play with it. It entertained him pretty much until dinner!

snowy train table

Eventually all the tracks were knocked over, but it was fun while it lasted. And the batting can easily be tossed on another day for some snowy train fun. Next time I might add some fake, sparkly snow too!

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