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Basket Ball Addition

Basket Ball Addition

We have been working on memorizing addition facts up to 10, and while the facts up to 5 were very easy for the girls, they have had a little more trouble with the bigger ones. So as a fun way to practice I put together a little game with some plastic balls from our ball basket and some laundry baskets.

Using a dry erase marker I wrote addition problems on the balls that added up to 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10. Then I labeled each laundry basket with one of the numbers. As the girls solved the problems they threw the balls in the appropriate basket.

Of course Eli had to take part too, so for him I had a few balls with just the numbers written on them which he threw in the basket with the matching number.

They all had a great time solving the problems and throwing the balls!

It was easy for me to then go through each basket and find any that were missed to review too.

The girls went through the balls at least three times before things got a little carried away, but we still have the balls for another day! Besides we can easily erase and relabel the balls to practice any number of things! 

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